About Us

My name is Juan Luis Román and I am the owner of this little company. 

We focused on designing and manufacturing parts for rc models. We work with trucks and construction machinery in 1/14 - 1/16 scale. We also produce parts for rc racing cars.

We are specialized in:

- CAD design

- Manufacture parts using lathe and CNC milling machine

- Manufacture parts in carbon fiber

- Hydraulic components

- Electronic design

- PCB design and manufacture

- RC construction machinery in 1/14 - 1/16 scale

- RC Truck models in 1/14 scale

- RC Car parts

I love this hobby and this is my passion. So I decided to open this website to offer my work for modelmakers.

Bear in mind in that almost 90% of the products are handmade, so it can take a little to be ready.

Don't came to this website with hurry, our idea isn't to sell many parts, only an exclusive product for the real and old school modelmaker.

All products designed and manufactured by us are passing strict quality controls using the best measuring and designing tools. 

We are in a continuous growing with many developments on the go.

Hope you like this website.

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact me on one of the following emails:



Best regards,