About Us

My name is Juan Luis Román and I am the owner of this little company. 

I am a computer science engineer, specialized on web development. Since I was 8, radio control models has been my dream, started at 1998 in the hobby with a Robbe Whizzer model (1/10 radio control car) which I built and disarmed many times to learn about how it worked and how it was designed.

After that many models came. More 1/10th off road models, 1/10th nitro models, etc. Every money that I got on birthdays were keept to be use on new models. There was my passion.

I raced with cars from 2003 - 2014, two times crowned has Andalusian champion with a Team C/Ansmann car. Also a 5th position on a Spanish championship was achieved.

In 2012 I started to work in a rc shop. At the same time, we create a department of RC construction models and components. We grew a lot together and we developed many products, many of them designed by me.

In 2018 I decided to left that company and try a new job oportunity as a web engineer. At the same time, I decided to created a new company, DESLEK RC, to design and produce parts and components for the hobby. 

On all this time (2012-now) I learned a lot of product design and product manufacturing by myself and this helps me to offer products with the better quality possible.

All products designed and manufactured by us are passing strict quality controls using the best measuring and designing tools. 

We are in a continuous growing with many developments on the go.

Hope you like this website.

If you have any doubts or questions, please contact me on one of the following emails:



Best regards,