Delivery Information


Spain (Mainland):

Shipping made through ASM 24h service (There are no deliveries on Saturdays or Sundays).

*In addition, order preparation time is not included.

Up to 1kg: € 6.73

From 1kg to 5kg: € 7.82

From 5kg to 10kg: € 8.89

From 10kg to 15kg: € 10.67

Europe (EU members):

Shipping made through GLS (3-5 day service).

Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia.

- Germany, France.

Up to 1kg: € 13.30

From 1kg to 5kg: € 15.21

From 5kg to 10kg: € 16.84

From 10kg to 15kg: € 18.20

- Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands.

Up to 1kg: € 15.76

From 1kg to 5kg: € 17.79

From 5kg to 10kg: € 20.11

From 10kg to 15kg: € 21.47

- Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia.

Up to 1kg: € 19.43

From 1kg to 5kg: € 22.96

From 5kg to 10kg: € 24.32

From 10kg to 15kg: € 25.14

Rest of the world:

Prices will be calculated by the website depending on your country and products. Starting price is 29.99 €.

Shipping made through Packlink (UPS, Zeleris, etc). Packlink will choose the best company for the destination (always will be an express option).

For international orders we need the customer ID national number, it is mandatory for filling the customs exportation documents.

Customers don't pay for Spain VAT (you will see the prices without VAT once logued in).

Customs duties and taxes are not included. You must to pay them when the package arrives to your country.