Cockpit SX 9-channel M-LINK remote control - easier than ever!

The MULTIPLEX COCKPIT SX 9 sets new standards in the field of 9-channel hand transmitters.

Touch and Fly! - Operation like smartphone!

The COCKPIT SX 9 can be programmed intuitively and very easily using its app icons. The ideal remote control for RC wing models, RC helicopters and RC copters.

The COCKPIT SX 9 is 100% developed and built in Germany. Quality Made in Germany!

TFT color touch display clear, transflective color display 3.5 ", 320x240 pixels, touch screen with meaningful symbols and large, easy-to-read numbers / letters. Readable in sunlight without backlight: ideal for model sports. Extremely energy-saving when used outdoors thanks to automatic day / night switching. Transmitter operating time up to 24 hours possible.

Simple and extensive programming options via the new model assistant

Intuitive operation thanks to a sophisticated touch concept with clear screens and many self-explanatory graphics. A convenient model assistant with a wide range of options for adjusting values ​​using the touchscreen. Easy adjustment via slider, direct value entry with alphanumeric keyboard, +/- and buttons for fine adjustment ensure the simplest programming of your models.

Super convenient model memory management

The COCKPIT SX 9 is equipped with 200 internal model memory locations, the model memories are stored on the internal SD card in .xml format. A convenient model memory management on the PC via USB mass storage is therefore easily possible.

Outstanding voice output

With over 450 words, numbers and phrases, it is one of the most advanced systems of its kind ever installed in a handheld transmitter.

The use of this system allows COCKPIT SX 9 pilots to perceive critical telemetry data and transmitter functions without taking their eyes off flying. The COCKPIT SX 9 tells you the specific sensor values ​​if required. If an alarm is triggered, you don't have to look at the display to see what's going on, the COCKPIT SX 9 tells you.

Return channel / telemetry

When using a receiver capable of telemetry, the current voltage of the receiver power supply is shown on the display of the transmitter. If the value falls below an adjustable min. Voltage, an acoustic signal warns of an empty receiver battery. Without a sensor, the connection quality (LQI) can also be shown on the transmitter display in% values.

An additional safety plus!

In addition, up to 8 telemetry data from the model (depending on the sensors connected to the receiver, e.g. voltage, current, temperature, etc.) can be shown on the display (application examples: motor temperature, drive battery voltage, current consumption of the drive). The storage of the telemetry data takes place in the model in connection with the optional MULTIPLEX FlightRecorder (# 8 5420). The display of the sensor values ​​in the display is freely configurable, dynamic adjustment of the displays

Wireless teacher / student operation

The COCKPIT SX 9 M-LINK can be both teacher and student transmitter as standard. All L / S-compatible M-LINK transmitters can be used as student or teacher transmitters. The optional COPILOT module (# 4 5184) is required for teaching. The COCKPIT SX 9 works with selective L / S operation. This allows complete handover or, depending on the student's progress in learning, the handover of individual control functions to the student. The teacher can only accept the model again by touching the stick.

Dual rate and expo can be set separately for each phase

For 3 axes (cross, height, side) plus Expo for gas.

3 timers

• Timer 1: mm: ss start / stop switch selectable, alarm function, voice output, vibration

• Timer 2: mm: ss start switch selectable, alarm function, voice output, vibration

• Timer 3: hh: mm transmitter operating time counter

You can find helpful videos on menu navigation and programming under: MULTIPLEX FAQ Videos

Future-proof through software updates

MULTIPLEX is constantly developing the COCKPIT SX 9 software. You can always use the MULTIPLEX Launcher at to update your remote control to the latest version free of charge.

Equipment: COCKPIT SX9

• LiFe battery 3.3V / 4000mAh

• SD card

• 2 proportional encoders

• 6 switches

• 2 buttons

Technical features:

• Future-oriented 9-channel remote control - 9 fully proportional control channels

• 32 bit ARM7 processor

• 2.4 GHz M-LINK transmission secure ultra-fast, digital signal transmission with real-time telemetry

• Analog and digital servo mode

• IOAT antenna - integrated radiation-optimized antenna technology with extremely long range

• 3.5 "large new TFT color touch display with telemetry display and day / night switchover, daylight-REAL

• 4-fold ball-bearing billet units (mechanics of the PROFI TX)

• Completely expanded with all necessary controls and switches

• Voice output (D, E, F) via loudspeaker or earphone jack

• USB socket (charge transmitter battery, PC interface for firmware updates, data management

• Modern, ergonomically optimized housing design

• Light weight

• 2.4 GHz M-LINK transmission technology integrated

• µSD card for model storage

• Long operating time up to 24h

Software features:

• Operation "smartphone-like" due to clear and clear menu structure

• Model assistant guides you through programming

• Slide function - e.g. PITCH CURVES adjustable by touching and dragging

• Predefined templates for almost all common surfaces and helicopter models

  Field of application u. a:


    SAILER 4 flaps + spoilers




    Jets (DELTA)


    HELI 120 degrees

    HELI 90 degree flybarless


• Security: gas check, transmitter battery guard

• Intelligent voice output D / E / F

• Announcement of telemetry data, warnings, alarms and vario signal via loudspeakers or headphones

• Real time data transfer

• Optional sensors (vario, GPS, fuel, temperature, voltage, current, speed and much more)

• Vibration alarm, as well as "warning" LEDs for critical alarms

• Digital trim, can be switched off for specific flight phases for heli-flybarless systems and MULTICOPTER

• 3 timers with voice output

  Freely adjustable transmitter mode (cross, height, side, gas, spoiler)

  (1x total time timer, 1x engine running time, 1x transmitter operating time)

• Numerous servo settings (travel, limitation, reversal, middle position)

• Dual rate and expo, separately adjustable for each flight phase

• 3 flight phases (area)

• 4 flight phases (helicopter)

• Heli GAS and pitch curves (9 points) can be set separately for each flight phase

• Aileron differentiation, separately adjustable for each flight phase

• Snapflap

• Butterfly function


• Wireless teacher / student operation possible with optional COPILOT

• Multifunctional USB socket (charge transmitter battery, PC interface for firmware updates, data management)

• µSD card for model storage - 200 model memories

• Model copy function

scope of delivery

1 transmitter COCKPIT SX 9


1 USB charging cable

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